Executone Phone Repair


Usedphones.com's Executone Repair Service Center provides top notch, low price, quality work for our customers. The experienced staff will diagnose and restore your telecommunications equipment to operate and look like new. We work on all types of telecommunications equipment, not just phones. Our technicians are available by phone 800-766-3425 or email repair@usedphones.com. To get started on the repair process

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Our phone repair prices are the lowest in the country. For only $29.95 your phones are fully repaired and rebuilt from the inside out. We take apart the phones to determine any internal problems. We repair and test the keypads, internal boards, handsets, displays and speakers. We fully sanitize the phone. The inside is cleaned when the phone is fixed and the outside it fully reconditioned once the repair is completed. Our refurbishing department removes all the dirt on the phone, sanitizes each part of the phone, polishes the phone and buffs the handsets. New line cords, handset cords and designation papers are included with every phone repair. Each phone is shrink-wrapped prior to shipping back to our customer. The savings from repairing versus purchasing a phone are substantial and can save any company a great deal of money.

In the event a major component needs replacing (i.e. handset, motherboard, batteries), an authorization form is sent to the customer and must be approved prior to Usedphones adding any parts that have an extra cost. In our experience most phones don’t incur additional fees.

If Usedphones.com has determined your equipment cannot be fixed, WE CHARGE YOU ZERO! We only ask that you pay for shipping back to your company. The reason we do this is because we don’t charge you a diagnostic fee for time the technicians spent on your equipment.

Usedphones.com specializes in repairing the following Executone Communications Equipment, brands and models: