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2646 Palma Dr. #290 Ventura, California 93003 Phone: 800.766.3425 Fax: 800.720.1172

Equipment Sales
Usedphones.com is one of the largest resellers of Refurbished Telecommunications Equipment in the nation. Usedphones.com is an authorized dealer on Amazon, Google, a Power Seller on eBAY, and other comparison shopping websites. Usedphones.com has been in business since 1987. Our experienced staff has extensive experience in the telecommunications field and can assist you with any questions. We stock large quantities of inventory of all major name brands.
Phone Repair
Usedphones.com Repairs and Refurbishes All Telecommunications equipment including VOIP phones.
Asset Recovery Services
Usedphones.com’s Asset Recovery Service greatly reduces new equipment purchases by extending the life of current assets by optimizing the value of performing, non-performing, off-lease, and surplus equipment. We remarket unwanted assets, redeploy functioning equipment, and offer equipment for sale back to employees. Usedphones.com has a repair facility with over 200 different systems. We can perform repairs on any brand and type of telecom equipment including VOIP phones, cards, KSU’s & voicemails. Phones will look brand new and are covered under a one year warranty.

Asset Recovery Services include:

-Repairing, testing, replacing designation slips, replacing plastics & cords, and tracking and storing serial numbers in an internal inventory system.

-Communicating with customer’s telecom department, to forecast the needs of their employees, in order to supply the appropriate locations with the required equipment.

Asset Destruction & Disposal Service

Usedphones.com can solve all of your equipment disposal needs by recycling or donating all salvageable components as necessary. Our disposal service features a fast, efficient and environmentally safe disposal process for nonfunctional or outdated equipment. This program is designed to help you control project management and system removal costs associated with asset disposal.

Disposal Services include:
-Arranging direct pick up, packaging, and transportation of your equipment.
-Thoroughly destroying all traces of ownership and erasing all data from hard disks, protecting you from      software pirating and release of your sensitive company information.
-Disposing of equipment according to state and federal environmental laws.

Process for the Destruction of Equipment
– Schedule Equipment delivery from Customer
– Equipment received and recorded
– Report issued to Customer with equipment type and equipment serial number information
– Low level format; erase hard drives, flash drive/flash card, firmware, software cards, processing cards, any      other types of software and internal components
– Asset tags removed
– Equipment to be recycled and materials are separated
– Certificate of Destruction issued to Customer

Consignment Recovery
Liquefy your excess communication assets to recover maximum value. Surplus Assets – If you don’t need it, trade it in. A refurbished phone costs significantly less than a new phone and works exactly the same. Usedphones.com is willing to trade your excess equipment for other types of telecom equipment or repair services your company may need. Usedphones.com remarkets unwanted assets to any location.   Usedphones.com will have a team of experts, with experience in the resale of used equipment, handle the sale of your equipment and pay a commission to your company.
The company is located in Simi Valley, California.