Asset Management

Asset Management offers Asset Management services to allow clients to concentrate on their core business activities. We provide true value as your Asset Management partner by assisting your company to manage its internal assets more easily and efficiently.  Asset Management requires minimal customer administration, relieving you of the burden of inventorying.

Inventory Management
Let do the work! We can house and track your assets in one centralized location, relieving you of the tedious task of inventorying. will provide you with timely, accurate, detailed reports of your inventory.  We can re-allocate equipment for you or store it in our warehouse for a minimal cost.  Letting take care of your Inventory Management allows your business the freedom it needs to grow and flourish!

Asset Recovery Services’s Asset Recovery Service greatly reduces new equipment purchases by extending the life of current assets.  This is done by optimizing the value of performing, non-performing, off-lease, and surplus equipment. We remarket unwanted assets and redeploy functioning equipment. 

Companies encounter a great deal of problems tracking fixed assets, especially companies with locations in numerous areas.  Expenses for new locations can be cut drastically by transferring assets from closing locations or from a centralized warehouse.  If your company does not move equipment from location to location expenditures for fixed assets are being purchased unnecessarily.  What happens to the equipment from that location?  Is it thrown away?  Is it unintentionally acquired for free by the new tenants?

In order to supply the appropriate locations with the required equipment we communicate with the customer’s telecom department and IT departments to forecast the needs of their employees.  We can arrange decommissioning of all systems, arrange shipping, store and track inventory in our warehouse, repair, refurbish and redeploy equipment. has a repair facility with over 200 different systems. We can perform repairs on any brand and type of telecom equipment including VOIP phones, cards, KSU’s & voicemails. Phones will look brand new and are covered under a warranty.

If equipment is no longer needed we can sell with our Consignment Recovery program.

Liquefy your surplus communication equipment to recover maximum value. If you don’t need it, trade it in. A refurbished phone costs significantly less than a new phone and works exactly the same. is willing to trade your excess equipment for other types of telecom equipment or repair services. remarkets unwanted assets to any location. will have a team of experts, with experience in the resale of used equipment, handle the sale of your equipment and pay a commission to your company.

Asset Destruction & Disposal Service can solve all of your equipment disposal needs by recycling or donating all salvageable components as necessary. Our disposal service features a fast, efficient and environmentally safe disposal process for nonfunctional or outdated equipment. This program is designed to help you control project management and system removal costs associated with asset disposal.

Services include:
♦  Arranging direct pick up, packaging, and transportation of your equipment.
♦  Equipment received and recorded
♦  Report issued to Customer with equipment type and equipment serial number information
♦  Low level format; erase hard drives, flash drive/flash card, firmware, software cards, processing cards, other components, thoroughly destroying all traces of ownership and erasing all data from hard disks, protecting you from software pirating and release of your sensitive company information.
♦  Asset tags removed
♦  Equipment to be recycled and materials are separated Disposing of equipment according to state and federal environmental laws.
♦  Certificate of Destruction issued to Customer

Guaranteed Compliance Asset Recovery services ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws including: • CERCLA (Superfund) • RCRA • EPA CRT Rule • State, local and others • Cal Recycle #112201 Key Facts • Founded in 1987 • 13,000 sq ft Facility • Privately Owned • Millions of Dollars already recovered for our customers • Professional staff and calibrated equipment