Cisco Media Convergence Server MCS-7825-2266

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Cisco Media Convergence Server MCS-7825-2266

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Cisco Media Convergence Server 7825-2266
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The Cisco Media Convergence Server 7825-2266 (MCS 7825-2266) is a powerful platform for Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data). The Cisco MCS 7825H-2266 occupies only 1 rack unit (RU) while providing the features most requested in a server platform. You can configure the MCS 7825-2266 to ship with Cisco CallManager that can be loaded via a fast-running installation script to make the deployment of IP communications simple and cost effective.

The Cisco MCS 7825H-2266 provides system health LEDs and unit identification lights on the front and back of the server to make pinpointing system issues easier than ever. When an internal component fails, this indication is made on an internal component LED (amber) and on the front panel of the Cisco MCS 7825H-2266. If the item is serviceable by removing the hood, as in the case of a fan failure, the internal health LED illuminates. If no failures have occurred, the system health LED is green. If the failure is critical and has caused the system to shut down, the LED is red.

In the Cisco MCS 7825H-2266, the ROM is divided into two logical parts. When the system boots, the primary ROM side is executed and used in server operation. During a ROM flash, the backup side is flashed. When the flash is fully completed, the backup side becomes the primary. If under rare conditions the flash does not complete safely, potentially because of a power interruption, the backup is available to boot the system. In the situation where both images are valid, the user can select which image to use at boot time.
SKU MCS-7825-2266
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