Paradyne StormPort 1020 DSL Modem 01-00128-01

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Paradyne StormPort 1020 DSL Modem 01-00128-01

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Stormport 1020 01-00128-01 Paradyne Quick Overview

Paradyne StormPort 1020 Modem 01-00128-01

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Stormport 1020 01-00128-01 Paradyne Description:

Paradyne StormPort 1020 - Modem (digital) - external - USB / Ethernet - 10 Mbps

The StormPort series of customer premises modems provides superior simultaneous voice and high-speed data access using Paradyne's patented EtherLoop technology. The StormPort series uses EtherLoop technology over existing copper phone lines to provide simultaneous lifeline voice and high-speed data communications. It delivers data rates up to 10 Mbps, upstream or downstream, and overcomes issues normally found in copper loops including transient noise, crosstalk, wire gauge changes and bridged taps. The StormPort is easy to install with a simple RJ-11 plug-in connection to the phone jack. It supports multiple subtending network devices, making it an ideal solution for both single users and small work group applications. For the enterprise and in-building markets, the StormPort modem provides superior high-speed access over existing copper wiring, making it suitable for small, medium and large businesses, multi-tenant residential and office towers, hotels and corporate campus locations. The performance of this compact device makes it ideally suited to both broadband residential and business Internet access, as well as bandwidth-intensive uses such as video-on-demand, corporate video conferencing, file-sharing and on-line training. For carriers and ISPs, the StormPort modems provide reliable, high-speed access and superior throughput performance in a compact design. This combination makes the StormPort modem ideally suited for residential high-speed Internet access users and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) applications.
SKU 01-00128-01
Condition New or Refurbished
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Manufacturer Paradyne - Acculink
Compatible System Paradyne 954