1 phone or a 1000 telephones, repair's starting at just $29.95
Telephone Repairs

Download and complete the Shipping Repair Form

Ensure you fill out your complete contact information so we can contact you when your repairs are done.

Pack, Ship, & Send

Be sure to include your repair form. We are able to offer the lowest repair cost because all shipping charges are the responsibility of the client.

Repair, Refurbish and Return

Our techs will run diagnostics, repair and test your phone to ensure your issue has been resolved. We will then call you to collect your payment and send the repaired equipment back to you.
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Phone Repair for 1 Phone or a 1000's
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Free Telephone Repair Pricing

Send in 3 telephones at our regular rate of only $29.95 and the third one is free!

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Telephone Repair Pricing

For special price $29.95*, our Standard Phone Repair Service includes:

  • Expert phone repairs by a certified technician
  • Complete refurbishing, reconditioning and sanitizing of your equipment,
  • All Phones Come with New Handset Cords, Line Cords, Designation Strips
  • Your equipment professionally packed and shrink-wrapped for shipment back to you
  • Fast turnaround after receiving & logging equipment repairs in our warehouse. All items are shipped back to customers through UPS and USPS
  • Electronic tracking of your items within our facility and shipment back to you
  • One Year Warranty

No Hidden Fees

Usedphones.com does not charge to replace basic components. If a major component needs replacing (i.e., handset, motherboard, batteries), an authorization form is sent for your approval before we commence with repairs. From our experience, certain phones can incur additional fees due to their special design such as AT&T MLX, AT&T MLS, Nortel 3900 sets and displays on some VoIP phones. However, most phones will not incur additional costs.

Additional Phone Repair Pricing

* Our standard $39.95 phone repair service excludes Business Cordless Phones, VOIP Phones, Satellite Phones, and all types of radios devices. Pricing varies for cards, KSUs, phone systems, voicemails, adapters and telecom equipment other than phones. Please call or email for specific pricing. Cell phones see pricing below

  • VOIP Phone Repairs and VOIP Cordless Phone Repairs start at $65
  • Cordless Home Phone Repairs we are not doing.
  • Cordless Business Phone Repairs we are not doing.

Free Phone Repair Diagnostic

Use our phone repair form and send in your items for a free diagnostic. If Usedphones.com determines your equipment cannot be fixed, you will not be charged. We only ask that you pay for return shipping because we don’t charge a diagnostic fee for time the technicians spent on your equipment.

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we repair all telephone systems


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"Repair vs. Buying New"

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