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Phone Repair

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Phone Repairs for Only $29.95!
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Don’t Throw Out Your Old Communications Equipment!
Don’t Renew Expensive Service Agreements!
Save Money & Save the Earth Can Show You How
Phone Repair only $29.95 has a Phone Repair Facility with over 200 Phone Systems. We can perform phone repairs on any communication manufacturer and all types of telecom equipment including VOIP phones, cell phones, cards, KSU’s, voicemails, HAM & CB radios and other electronics. When the phones leave our facility they will look as close as possible to brand new and are covered under a year warranty.

For only $29.95 our Phone Repair services include:

♦Electronically inventory items received.
♦Transfer items to Phone Repair department where a Technician disassembles, tests and completes all necessary phone repairs.
♦Transfer equipment to Phone Refurbishing department where another Technician replaces designation slips & cords, plastics when necessary, sanitizes and reconditions equipment.
♦Transfer equipment to Shipping where the items are serialized, shrink wrapped and professional packed in new boxes with protection.
♦Turnaround is approximately one week after receiving items our warehouse plus the time it takes to ship from California to your location. All items are shipped through UPS or USPS.
Shipping is NOT included if you purchase the repair online. We will contact you when the repairs are finished to advise on how much shipping will cost or you can add shipping when checking out.

There are NO HIDDEN FEES! No charges to replace basic components. In the event a major component needs replacing (i.e. handset, motherboard, batteries), an authorization form is sent to the customer and must be approved prior to Usedphones adding any parts that have an extra cost. In our experience we have determined that certain phones can incur additional fees due to their special design. Those phones are AT&T MLX, AT&T MLS as well as the Nortel 3900 phones and some VOIP displays.. Otherwise most phones never incur additional fees.

If has determined your equipment cannot be fixed, WE CHARGE YOU ZERO! We only ask that you pay for shipping back to your company if you would like the equipment back. The reason we do this is because we don’t charge you a diagnostic fee for time the technicians spent on your equipment.

Simply fill out our REPAIR FORM which you can then conveniently use as a shipping label.

This Item does not Qualify For Free Shipping.
* All Phones Come with New Handset Cords, Line Cords, Designation Strips, are Fully Sanitized, Refurbished and Reconditioned.
SKU phonerepair
Condition New or Refurbished
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Manufacturer No
Compatible System Alcatel 8 series, Alcatel 9 series, Alcatel Reflex , ASPECT WinSet, Asuzi PRO-1032, Asuzi PRO-616 , Asuzi PRO-XL 1032 , Asuzi PRO-XL 616, AT&T Avaya Lucent 3 / 4 line phones, AT&T Avaya Lucent ACS, AT&T Avaya Lucent Definity , AT&T Avaya Lucent Definity BCS & G3 R6, AT&T Avaya Lucent Endeavor, AT&T Avaya Lucent ISDN, AT&T Avaya Lucent Merlin , AT&T Avaya Lucent Merlin Classic , AT&T Avaya Lucent Merlin II , AT&T Avaya Lucent Merlin Legend , AT&T Avaya Lucent Merlin Magix, AT&T Avaya Lucent Partner , AT&T Avaya Lucent Partner II , AT&T Avaya Lucent Partner Plus, AT&T Avaya Lucent Single Line, AT&T Avaya Lucent SoundStation Premier , AT&T Avaya Lucent Spirit 308 - 616 - 1224 - 2448 , AT&T Avaya Lucent System 25 - 75 - 85, AT&T Avaya Lucent System 400 , Atlas ET 36 , Atlas KSX 32i , Cisco 7900 Series , Clear One Max Wireless, Comdial Americom, Comdial Digitech , Comdial DSU, Comdial DSU II, Comdial DX-80 , Comdial DXP, Comdial DXP Plus, Comdial Executech , Comdial Executech II , Comdial FX - FX II , Comdial Impact , Comdial Impact SCS , Comdial Impression , Comdial Inn Touch, Comdial Maxplus, Comdial MP5000, Comdial Solo II , Comdial Unisyn, Comdial Voice Express , ESI IVX , Executone Encore , Executone Encore CX, Executone Equity III , Executone IDS , Executone Medley, Extrom HMS, Extrom PMS, Fujitsu F9600 , Fujitsu SERIES 3 , Fujitsu Starlog 1 , Galaxy Delta Series, Inter-tel AXXENT (InterTel), Inter-tel AXXESS (InterTel)
Display (LCD) Lines/Characters N/A
Backlit Display N/A
Function Buttons N/A
Soft Keys N/A
Personal Speed Dial N/A
Navigation Key N/A
Message Waiting Lamp N/A
Speakerphone N/A
Hearing Aid Compatible N/A
Add-on Key Module / DSS Console N/A
Bluetooth Module N/A
Headset Jack N/A
Wall Mounting N/A