AT&T 945 4-Line Speakerphone with Intercom

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AT&T 945 4-Line Speakerphone with Intercom

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945 AT&T Quick Overview

A four-line corded phone with multi-user expandability to 16 stations, the 945 is a great choice for small businesses and busy households alike. A built-in speakerphone and headset compatibility allow you to communicate while engaging in other tasks, and two data ports allow you to take advantage of peripherals such as a modem or fax machine.

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945 AT&T Description:

A 32-number speed dial lets you easily call the most important numbers, while features such as call transfer and three-party conferencing allow you to manage incoming calls. Additionally, an intercom feature lets you talk with any of the other phones on your system. The 945 works with any AT&T model 974, 984, 944, 955, and 964 phones, so you can mix and match to suit your office's needs.

This AT&T 945 Four-Line Intercom Speakerphone is expandable to a 16 station telephone system. The 945 is compatible with AT&T 974, 984, 944, 955 and 964 telephones. The 945 is hearing aid compatible and can be connected to up to four incoming telephone lines. This phone features a speakerphone for hands-free use and a headset jack compatible with most two-band 2.5mm headsets (sold separately). The 945 allows paging, intercom and call transfers between system phones and is capable of connecting three parties in a conference call. This phone also features a 32 number memory for faster dialing.

You can adjust speakerphone, headset, and ringer volume levels, and also choose between several ringer types. The 945 has a six-number redial, while mute, hold, and flash buttons provide additional functionality. With the base LCD screen, you can access your phone's settings, and a memory loss protection feature saves your settings in case of a power failure. The 945 comes backed with a one-year limited warranty.


* 3-Party Conferencing (for multi-line systems)
* Automatic Line Selection
* Call Transfer
* Chain Dialing
* Data Port
* Do Not Disturb
* Flash
* Handset Volume Control
* Headset Compatible (2.5 mm jack)
* Hearing Aid Compatible
* Hold
* Mute
* Page
* Power Failure Operation
* Programmable Pause
* Rapid Scroll
* Selectable Ringer Tones

Highlighted Features

* Expandable to a 16 Station System
* 4-Line Operation
* Dial-in-Base Speakerphone

* All Phones Come with New Handset Cords, Line Cords, Designation Strips, are Fully Sanitized, Refurbished and Reconditioned.
SKU att945
Condition New or Refurbished
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Manufacturer ATT - Avaya - Lucent
Compatible System AT&T Avaya Lucent 3 / 4 line phones
Display (LCD) Lines/Characters No
Backlit Display N/A
Function Buttons No
Soft Keys No
Personal Speed Dial N/A
Navigation Key Yes
Message Waiting Lamp No
Speakerphone Analog
Hearing Aid Compatible Yes
Add-on Key Module / DSS Console Yes / Yes
Bluetooth Module N/A
Headset Jack Yes
Wall Mounting N/A