3Com NBX 4-Port Analog Terminal Card 3C10117


The 3Com NBX Analog Terminal Card (3C10117C) slides into any available slot of an NBX chassis to provide four RJ-11 (FXS) analog jacks. The card receives power from its NBX chassis which can be deployed with back-up power for connectivity assurance. With its higher port density, the ATC is a more economical choice for locations with multiple analog devices.

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The 3Com NBX Analog Device Connections offer you the best of both worlds, seamlessly bridging the gap between 3Com’s next-generation networked telephony solutions and traditional analog devices. Easily connect analog phones, cordless phones, speakerphone extensions, and other industry standard tip/ring (2500 set) analog devices to your NBX solution. Group 3 fax machines are also fully supported. Analog devices are available in a single-port stand-alone unit as well as a four-port chassis-based card. The single-port ATA unit also includes an additional Ethernet port that allows an analog device and an Ethernet device to share the same Ethernet LAN cabling

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