3Com VCX V6000 3CRVO71330-07


The V6000 model (3CRVO71330-07) is equipped with a CPU/hard drive and a total of six VoIP gateway ports (four FXO and two FXS analog)

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The 3Com® V6000 and V6100 Integrated Branch Communications Platforms provide highly reliable, feature-rich, economical Voice over IP (VoIP) services for enterprise branch offices with up to 100 users. Designed to deliver the complete capabilities of 3Com VCX™ IP telephony and 3Com IP messaging solutions to a branch location, the V6x00 platforms economically extend the benefits of 3Com carrier-class convergence architecture across an organization. The platforms support advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications integrated with digital or analog VoIP gateways in a compact, cost-effective form factor. Carrier-class architecture ensures uninterrupted voice service, even if a wide area network (WAN) failure isolates the branch office from central servers. In the unlikely event of a branch server failure, the V6x00 platforms can allow voice traffic routing to the public telephone network, ensuring that employees are able to continue placing and receiving calls and listening to their voice messages. The platforms also support a security-hardened version of the Linux operating system with integrated firewall to protect against attacks. * Enable economical branch-office deployment of VoIP services with compact form factor and self-configuration for easy setup * Deliver a comprehensive range of telephony features, including global dialing, IP messaging and IP conferencing * Protect investment with support for advanced telephony and messaging features based on the IETF SIP standard * Help ensure high availability with a carrier-class architecture and distributed applications to minimize the impact of a WAN failure * Protect against attacks with security-hardened Linux Operating System and integrated firewall * Support temporary service from central-site servers in case of hardware failure * Offer optional dual hard disk (RAID) and redundant power supply modules for additional survivability * Support central management to ease administration for hundreds or even thousands of configurations and sites * Simplify transition to IP telephony with integrated FXO and FXS ports to support analog devices such as phones, fax machines, modems and intercoms * Provide local consolidation of voice mail, email and faxes in a single inbox for location-independent retrieval and management * Offer a wide range of phone choices—3Com and third-party equipment

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