Adtran EXPRESS 3000 SA ISDN TA-230.4KBPS 2 POTS 1203153L2


Adtran EXPRESS 3000 SA ISDN TA-230.4KBPS 2 POTS 1203153L2

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The ADTRAN Express 3000 series is a family of ISDN modems that are ideal for remote access and corporate connectivity. The series is capable of transmitting data at speeds up to 230.4 kbps, when using hi/fn compression or up to 512 kbps when using Microsoft compression. They include both ISDN terminal adapter and network termination (NT1) functionality. Configuring the Express series is fast and simple. ADTRAN’s patented Expert ISDN automatically detects the telephone company parameters such as Switch Type and SPID numbers. In areas where the telephone company automatically downloads this information to the modem, the units becomes plug-and-play with the ISDN line. The Express series supports two analog devices such as telephone, fax machine, or analog modem in addition to the computer connection for data transmissions on the Express 3000. When transmitting data at maximum throughput over both B channels using Multilink PPP, the unit automatically detects calls on the analog ports. Upon detection, the data speed is adjusted to 64 kbps using one B channel and accepts the analog/voice call, on the other B channel. Upon completion of the analog/voice call, the data automatically resumes transfer over both B channels. Remote configuration allows MIS managers the flexibility of adjusting the configuration of remote units over the ISDN line. The Express transmits data over an RS-232 interface and transfers synchronous data at rates from 2400 to 128 kbps (Express 3010 only) and asynchronous data at rates from 1200 bps to 230.4 kbps. At rates over 64 kbps, BONDing or MLPPP is used to synchronize the data across the two B channels. Configuration of the unit is achieved using a VT 100 interface or AT commands. Dialing is initiated in-band over the RS-232 interface using AT commands, V.25 bis or DTR assertion

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