Alcatel 4028 IP Black Touch Phone 3GV27004


The Alcatel IP Touch 4028 comes with a four line graphic display and four directional navigator. It has six soft keys, is hands free and features a QWERTY alphabetic keyboard. There is also a comfort handset, headset jack and PC connection.

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The 4028 Alcatel phone is the mid range or executive model in the Alcatel 8 series IP handset range. The 4028 IP phone connects via IP to any Alcatel Omni PCX phone system with VoIP extension capabilities. As you can see the Alcatel 4028 IP handset looks identical to it’s digital counterpart the 4029 handset and offers the same stylish good looks, ease of use and intelligent functionality. Just check out these great Alcatel Lucent 4028 IP phone features: * Large screen for visibility which also scrolls down * Easy to follow layout * Intelligent navigation key to easily and quickly access 4028 IP handset settings and functions. * A qwerty keyboard for the fastest speed dialing and IP transferring possible. * The ability to see 30+ staff anywhere in the world by scrolling down the screen * Hands free Speakerphone * Colour coded easy redial, on hold and transfer functions * Flashing red light to notify of voicemail messages * Easy access of up to 3000 system speed dial numbers * Mute function and more… Any 4028 IP Alcatel phone user will tell you that once you’ve used a QWERTY keyboard for speed dials and staff listings you can’t go back to a traditional style phone again. On the 4028 IP telephone simply type the first letter of the person you need to call, bring it up on screen and click! The keyboard can also be used for internal IP office messaging – another great feature that shouldn’t be taken for granted! The Alcatel Lucent 4028 IP phone also has coloured coded buttons (some flash) for easy identification: Red flashing means you’ve got voicemail, orange is for speakerphone, yellow is mute etc. Its clever and it helps end users get more from their 4028 IP handsets.

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Weight 5 lbs
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Compatible System

Display (LCD) Lines/Characters

Backlit Display
Function Buttons
Soft Keys
Personal Speed Dial
Navigation Key
Message Waiting Lamp
Hearing Aid Compatible
Add-on Key Module / DSS Console
Bluetooth Module
Headset Jack
Wall Mounting

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