Avaya 9670G IP Phone 700460215


Your telephone provides many features, including a touch-based Phone screen to view and manage your calls, a menu of options and settings, a calculator, Web applications like Weather and a World Clock, and access to your voicemail. The 9670G IP Telephone provides this information in color. The “G” designation in 9670G means this telephone model has a built-in Gigabit Ethernet adapter which speeds data transmission.

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Appealing to your senses of touch, sight and sound, the Avaya 9670G touch screen is a feast for the eyes. Big and easy to see, this icon-based home screen is the command center of the phone, putting the user one touch away from dialing a contact, launching an application or accessing important information – there’s even a virtual QWERTY keyboard for easy input and editing. The home screen’s bright, bold icons eliminate the need for extraneous buttons, providing a user interface that’s informative and visually pleasing. The audio experience delivered by the Avaya 9670G is every bit as remarkable. Wideband range (50-700Hz) provides rich, natural sounding low frequencies and crystal clear high frequencies – no more confusing “f” for “s” or wondering whose voice you’re hearing on a conference call. The Avaya 9670G’s industrial and acoustic design maximize the performance of the audio capabilities to deliver brilliant sound, whether on handset or headset or in hands-free mode. The Avaya 9670G features speaker-independent speech recognition – no need to train the software. You can dial up to 250 contacts just by speaking the person’s name. Applications always on and embedded right in the phone. The Avaya 9670G leverages the “always on” nature of IP phones, so applications are always ready to be launched at the touch of a button. The screen provides quick access to embedded “serverless” Avaya applications; customer- or third party-developed applications; and favorites, up to eight one-touch speed dial icons. The result is a home screen that’s highly functional and intuitive and requires little user training to make or forward calls, create conference calls, manage contacts, launch applications, access the call log and execute many other necessary tasks. Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth: integrated and ready to go. The Avaya 9670G comes equipped with Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth, streamlining the phone and simplifying operations and support for IT. The 9670G is able to provide these capabilities and still retain its green credentials since it is a PoE Class 2 device. Link the deskphone and the mobile device. With the Avaya one-X series, the user has a common interface across all endpoint devices – deskphone, cell phone, computer and PDA. The Avaya 9670G makes it easy to shift a call from the deskphone to the cellphone and vice versa – while the call is in progress – eliminating the inconvenience of having to call back in order to switch devices.

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