Avaya Definity 100A Analog Interface 108332446


Analog interface for connection of analog Full Duplex speakerphones, computer modems, fax machines. Capable of sending and receiving DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) Capable of supporting V.90 series modem communication rates up to 50 Kbps Supports US ringing specifications of 20 Hz., 55 VRMS, 1.2 seconds on, 4 seconds off .

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The Avaya 100A if for connection with the 6416D+M and 6424D+M Telephones. The 100A module can be installed in the desktop stand of the Modular 6416D+M (6416D02A) and 6424D+M (6424D02A) telephones for increased set functionality. • Through a 6-position RJ11-type jack, the 100A module provides connection between these 6400 Series telephones and analog adjuncts such as answering machines, fax machines, modems, analog speakerphones, and TDD machines commonly used by the hearing impaired. NOTE: The 100A module is capable of supporting V.90 Series modem communication rates. However, the maximum modem communication rate cannot be guaranteed because it is limited by the quality of the end-to-end channel. Also note that only DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) dialing is supported by the 100A module. • The 100A module will work ONLY if it has auxiliary power. When the auxiliary power source is turned on, the 100A module will automatically power up. • You MUST use an 8-wire line cord from the telephone to the power supply. If you have only a 2-wire line cord, replace it with the 8-wire cord that comes with the power supply. • If there is a power outage and the auxiliary power source shuts off, the telephone will continue to work, but the 100A module will NOT function. • This 100A module has been specially designed so that the voice quality of the analog adjunct connected to the module is equivalent to the performance of the analog adjunct when it is connected to an analog port on a DEFINITY® switch. (This is true only for switches which use United States transmission levels.) • The 100A module also has a special detector which senses if the analog adjunct is on-hook or off-hook, and the module, therefore, is able to disconnect the analog adjunct at the end of a call. However, whether the analog adjunct responds to a request to hang up depends on the design of the analog adjunct. • The manner in which the telephone and the analog adjunct interact depends on the switch release to which your telephone is connected. (Your system manager can give you more information about the switch release.) — On DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server (ECS) releases prior to Release 8.1, the analog adjunct shares the telephone line with the voice terminal. Therefore, while the telephone is being used, you cannot use the analog adjunct at the same time, or vice versa. — On the DEFINITY ECS Release 8.1 and later, the telephone and the analog adjunct can be assigned separate telephone lines, and thus the voice terminal and analog adjunct can be used simultaneously.

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