ESI IVX ESIDP1 16-Button LCD Speakerphone


ESI IVX DP1 has a speakerphone with an LCD Display, 16 programmable keys, Voicemail Message Waiting and Record buttons, as well as fixed keys for Park, Hold, Mute, DND (Do-Not-Disturb), Conference, Transfer, Redial, Flash, Release and Programming. The DP1 telephone keyset works on the IVX 20, IVX 20 Plus, IVX 128 and IVX 128 Plus systems. It is the only phone that works on these systems (and the DP1 is not compatible with any of the others).

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Product Description Features: – 16 User Programmable Buttons – LCD Display – Speakerphone Other Features Include: – Voicemail – Conference – Flash – Transfer – Hold – Mute Compatible with IVX 128, 20 & 20 Plus Systems

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Weight 5 lbs
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Compatible System

Display (LCD) Lines/Characters

Backlit Display

Function Buttons

Soft Keys
Personal Speed Dial
Navigation Key

Message Waiting Lamp
Hearing Aid Compatible
Add-on Key Module / DSS Console
Bluetooth Module
Headset Jack
Wall Mounting

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