Inter-Tel Axxess 550.8560 Executive Display Charcoal Speakerphone


Inter-Tel Axxess Digital Endpoint Executive Large Display 8560 Features 23 progammable keys with lamps, 8 “soft” menu keys, 6 x 16 display, adjustable LCD contrast, adjustable base, and message lamp in the upper, right-hand corner of the unit. Includes dedicated headset audio jack.

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InterTel 550.8560 6 Line display Intertel telephone The Inter tel Axxess 550.8560 6 line display phone evolved from the Axxess Executive Display and the IP PhonePlus. The 8560 Executive Terminal & 8660 IP Terminal utilise a powerful menu interface. The large 6-line by 16-character alphanumeric LCD display leads you through system features and capabilities – serving as a built in user guide. The next generation of digital communication. Features: – Six-line x 16-character alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with eight, menu-driven soft key prompting – Enables the programming of feature keys such as: answer call, place a conference call, transfer call, hold, redial and much more – Allows you to answer intercom and outside calls in hands-free mode – Store up to 10 personal speed dial numbers and associated names – Easily customize Do-Not-Disturb (DND) messages such as “In a meeting until 2:00,” “Leave a message” or “On Vacation ‘Til” – Provides up to eight levels of volume for speaker, ringers and handset – Performs a self-test to check all keys, lamps and LCD – Optional PC Data Port Module (PCDPM) provides a serial port connection for a DSS/BLF unit, PC/output device or Computer Telephony applications requiring a desktop OAI connection – Optional Modem Data Port Module connects to the PCDPM and provides an analog phone adapter Compatible with Inter-Tel’s advanced communications systems, Inter-Tel Model 8560 display phone is perfect for anyone who requires efficient call-processing capabilities. The six-line by 16-character, alphanumeric LCD leads you through system features and capabilities. Eight, menu-driven, one-touch “soft keys” reduce the time it takes to initiate and receive calls, retrieve messages, leave messages and access features. When a call rings in, your phone screen provides options for call handling such as hold, transfer and conference the call. While you’re in voice mail, the screen gives you options for managing your messages. The dynamic screen prompts you with available options for every situation, allowing you to process your calls with the touch of a button. An optional PC Data Port Module (PCDPM) provides a serial port connection for a Model 8450 DSS/BLF unit, a PC/output device, or Computer Telephony applications requiring a desktop OAI connection. An optional Modem Data Port Module connects to the PCDPM and provides an analog phone adapter.This ergonomically designed phone also features a message lamp in the upper right-hand corner. Additionally, a built-in jack allows headsets to be attached to the phone without interfering with handset operation.

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Weight 5 lbs
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Compatible System

Display (LCD) Lines/Characters


Backlit Display

Function Buttons
Soft Keys

Personal Speed Dial

Navigation Key

Message Waiting Lamp


Hearing Aid Compatible

Add-on Key Module / DSS Console
Bluetooth Module
Headset Jack

Wall Mounting

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