Mitel SX-100/SX-200 DID Tie Trunk Card 9110-031-000


The Mitel SX200 DID/TIE trunk card interfaces a total of (2) direct inward dialing or loop TIE Trunks to the PBX. Can be installed on Bay 3, 4, or 5 analog of an SX 200 Digital Hyrbrid 480 or 456. Mitel Analog DID Card is compatible with the following systems: SX-100 SX-200 SX-200 D

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Trunk Card: Provide either interfacing between the Central Office and the SX-100 switching circuitry for 4 trunks or between other PABX’s and the SX-100 for 2 tie trunks. The DID identifies the call as a Direct Inward Dial call to the attendant.

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Weight 2 lbs
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