Mitel SX-200 DNI (12 CCT) Line Card 9109-012-001-NA


Provides 12 Circuits for use with Mitel Superset 3DN & 4DN (Generic 1002 or higher), 400 Series (Generic 1005/ LTWare 15 or higher), 4000 Series (ML/EL/ELX System ONLY), Super console, Datasets/MOH (Generic 1003 or higher). A low power card and can plug into any peripheral digital slot of any digital bay. Compatible with: SX-200 Light, SX-200D, SX-200ML, and SX-200EL.

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The Mitel 9109-012-001 is a 12 circuit DNI line card used to connect supported Mitel digital telephones to a Mitel SX-200 Digital, Light, ML, EL or ICP system. Depending on your system’s configuration, this card will support the following Mitel digital Superset telephone sets: 3DN, 4DN, 401, 401+, 410, 420, 430, 4001, 4015, 4025, and 4150.

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