Mitel 5000 HX Controller (580.1003) Telephone System which includes 6 Phones and Voicemail – Package #3

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Mitel 5000 HX Controller (580.1003) Telephone System which includes 6 Phones and Voicemail – Package #3 PACKAGE #3 INCLUDES: (1) Mitel 5000 HX Controller (580.1003) (1) Software Package 1 (1) Voicemail (1) Power Supply (1) CD ROM Manual (6) Mitel 8568 Digital Phone (50006123) (2) Mounting Brackets (1) 1 Year Warranty

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The HX Controller is the newer Base Server chassis that houses the main processing module and the various station/trunk expansion modules. The 2U height chassis can be placed on a desk/table/shelf, mounted on a wall, or mounted in a standard rack. FEATURES (FRONT PANEL) Display Panel: A two-row, 14-character per row liquid crystal display (LCD) panel to show system status and command messages. Control Buttons: A five-button, command-and-control interface for interacting with the system via the display. The control buttons allow you to scroll through menu items to set system parameters during system installation and to perform other system routines. USB Ports: One 2.0 type A connector (for database backup via a portable flash drive) and one 2.0 type B connector (for system online monitoring via a PC). Status Indicators: Three light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for indicating system status (as viewed from the front, left-to-right): System Alarm (lit red if a system fault or failure is detected) File System/Storage Access (lit green when accessing flash memory) Power On (lit green when the chassis is receiving power; lit red if the chassis backplane is not functional) FEATURES (REAR PANEL) Power Module Bay: Houses an internal power distribution module with a 3-pin DIN connector for connecting an external 120W, +24VDC power supply unit. Expansion Module Bays: Four smaller bays for adding the 16-port Digital Desktop Module (DDM-16) or any of the existing station/trunk modules supported in the original CS Controller chassis. Ground Lug: For properly grounding the chassis. HX Processor Module Bay: A single large bay to house the HX Processor Module. INCLUDES HX Controller (580.1003) Power Module 24VDC 5A Power Adapter

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