NEC DS2000 Phone System Package

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NEC DS2000  System Package

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Package Includes;
1 NEC DS2000 (80000) DX7NA-48M 4-Slot KSU
1 NEC DS2000 (80005) Power Supply
1 NEC DS2000 (80025) CPU
1 NEC DS2000 (80011) 8-Port CO Trunk Card
1 NEC DS2000 (80021) 16-Port Digital Station Card
1 NEC DS2000 (80064) 4-Port Intramail
10 NEC DS2000 (80573) 22-Button LCD Display Speaker Phone
1 NEC DS2000 System Manual NEC’s legendary reliability and quality standards are evident in the DS2000’s innovative 32-bit architecture. This new concept features Digital Signal processor (DSP) Technology, on-board flash memory and field software upgrade-ability. The basic DS2000 system is available with 4 slots and 48 ports. It is easily expandable to 8 slots and 112 ports by upgrading to a 112-port cabinet. You can grow the system as you grow your business – while keeping your initial installation investment in station equipment intact. All this new technology does not come at the expense of easy installation! Easily wall-mountable cabinets, removable access covers and simplified one-pair wiring mean your initial installation and future add-ons will be quick and economical. The DS2000 builds on its base of experience with a totally revamped and redesigned feature set that further enhances the ease-of-use in its digital predecessor. The DS2000 brings a new level of speed and sophistication to the features you’ve come to expect from a NEC phone system. Busy offices can always keep pace with productivity features like Caller ID, Last Number Redial, Speed Dial and Hotline. Getting through to busy co-workers is never a problem thanks to extensively redeveloped Call Waiting, Voice Over, Reverse Voice Over and Off-Hook Signaling. Larger firms have a bevy of workgroup features from which to choose, such as Call Coverage on any phone, Extension Hunting, Group Call Pickup and multi-party Conference. As the demands on the phone system increase, DS2000 is right there with advanced features like full NVM-Series Voice Mail Integration (highlighted by Park and Page, Conversation Record and Answering Machine Emulation). Stock Photo

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