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System Kit (4 x 8 x 2)
(3) 22-Button Phones (1091015)

The NEC DSX-40 offers many features of the larger NEC DSX-80 and is the more compact and economical member of the NEC DSX family. It offers a self-contained smaller cabinet. The DSX-40 has 4 Central Office (outside) lines with Caller ID, supports up to 8 DSX digital keyset extensions (expandable), and 2 analog (single line) extensions with power failure backup.

CUSTOMIZABLE This system’s basic features can quickly be customized from a PC connected to the system’s USB or Ethernet port with the windows-based Office Administrator. In addition, these changes can be made remotely through the Ethernet port or an optional built-in modem. This includes the Time and Date options, important extension feature and voice mail options, and Speed Dial numbers. These features can also be programmed from an administrator’s phone.

BUILT-IN CALLER ID The capability for Caller ID is inherent in every DSX system. With Caller ID, you can identify incoming callers before the call is answered. The caller’s name and number (if available) will appear simultaneously in the display.

Approved for Residential Installation – FCC CLASS B approved and UL LISTED.

***Need an auto-answering voice messaging system? NEC’s IntraMail is a full-featured voicemail system that answers and directs calls, records individual voice messages, and saves the caller ID for immediate call back capability. Since Intramail is integrated within the DSX system, an optional IntraMail compact flash card is all that is required for these and many other practical features.

NEC DSX-40 System Kit (4 x 8 x 2) Includes
Qty (1) NEC 1090001 NEC DSX-40 4x8x2 Telephone System
Qty (3) NEC 1090020 NEC DSX 22 Button Display Telephone with Speakerphone, Black