NEC GPZ-IPLE VoIP Daughter Board for SV9100 (640073)


NEC GPZ-IPLE VoIP Daughter Board for SV9100 (640073)

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GPZ-IPLE VoIP Daughter Board for SV9100 (640073)  (BE113281)
The GPZ-IPLE daughter boards are used for converting the RTP (Real Time Transfer Protocol) packets via the IP network and PCM highway. The daughter board is installed on the GCD-CP10. The IP telephones are connected directly to the IP bus. When IP telephones need to be connected to a conventional PCM-based digital circuit, this board converts the IP packet signal into a PCM signal format and connects to the PCM time division switch. The GPZ-IPLE daughter board is required for IP telephones to communicate with non-VoIP UNIVERGE SV9100 telephones, and place or receive outside calls. The VoIP daughter board provides the voice (RTP/RTCP) processing function. The call control function is mounted on the CPU.


  • 256 (GPZ-IPLE) Channels
  • Provides 16 VoIP Channels
  • 4 SIP Trunk Ports
  • Equipped with 8-conductor jack and ferrite core – Required for IP telephones & IP trunks
  • Can be expanded to (32) VoIP channels with the 16-Channel VoIP Resource License (1100082)
  • Installs in dedicated slot on CPU-B1 board

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