Premier Technologies MOH Music On Hold machine ADL 3106E


ADL 3106E Premier Technologies MOH Music On Hold machine

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ADL 3106E Premier Technologies MOH Music On Hold machine. The Premier Technologies ADL 3106E provides a Crystal-Clear Sound Quality with 64 kbps (effective 96 kbps) sampling which assures the highest quality playback of your on-hold message. Just insert your prerecorded cassette, close the door, and the unit automatically loads (“load once”) audio to its internal digital memory (voice prompting included). Storing messages digitally limits mechanical breakdowns that may be experienced with other analog equipment. The ADL 3106E is built to accompany high-end stereo equipment, not the automobile or answering machine tape drives found in lower quality products. Digital Reliability – Since the digital circuitry has no moving parts beyond initial load, playback is extremely reliable. The built-in tape mechanism is only used while loading is in progress, and is not subject to the constant wear of traditional tape based systems. Output Tone Control – The new tone control gives you a broader range of sound to maximize the ADL 3106E’s fidelity. Flash Memory – The new non-volatile memory assures the recording will never be lost due to loss of power. Zero Gap – There is no silence between the end of the program and the beginning. Compatibility – The ADL 3106E is compatible with any telephone system that has a MOH music-on-hold interface. Verbal Prompting – It is easy to operate and install. A human voice leads you through product installation and production download. Maximum Ease of Use – You merely open the cassette door, insert your cassette, close the door, and walk away. The ADL 3106E automatically assesses the audio start and stop points, sets the record levels, downloads, and goes into play mode. This translates into no need for adjustments of any kind, other than setting the output volume into your phone system one time. Changing messages is as easy as inserting a new tape. When the ADL 3106E downloads the new tape message, it automatically erases the previous message.

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