Vodavi Triad TR9015-60 Executive Display Phone Set Burgundy


The Vodavi Triad 9015 is ideal for executives and receptionist., This TR9015 offers 12 fixed buttons, 24 feature buttons, integrated speaker phone and LCD display. This telephone allows a user to monitor the call length of calls through the 48 character tiltable LCD Display as well as using other functions of the phone such as on screen display of date and time. Hands free Speaker phone allows the user the ability to use both hands while talking through the speaker. With options like music over the telephone set while you work, 1 touch speed-dialing, intercom ability with busy lamp field status from station to station, and a professional appearance, this telephone is a must. The Vodavi Triad 9015 24 button executive digital system telephone can be used with any of the Triad S telephone Systems and well as any of the XTS phone systems.


The Vodavi Triad TR-9015-XX Telephone features: ▪ 24 Flexible buttons for CO/PBX/Centrex lines, Station DSS, or feature/function buttons ▪ 11 Fixed feature/function buttons ▪ LCD Display ▪ Enhanced Speakerphone ▪ Camp-on key ▪ Conference key ▪ Flash key ▪ Forward key ▪ Hold key ▪ Message key ▪ Microphone ▪ Mute key ▪ On/Off key ▪ Speed key ▪ Transfer key ▪ Volume key ▪ Colors: Charcoal (TR9015-71), Off-White (TR9015-08), Burgundy (TR9015-60) ▪ Can be used with any of the Triad S Telephone Systems and any of the XTS Phone Systems. ▪ Intercom Capability with Busy Lamp Field Status.

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Weight 5 lbs
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Compatible System

Display (LCD) Lines/Characters

Backlit Display
Function Buttons
Soft Keys
Personal Speed Dial
Navigation Key
Message Waiting Lamp
Hearing Aid Compatible
Add-on Key Module / DSS Console
Bluetooth Module
Headset Jack
Wall Mounting

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