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Repair vs. Buying New


Why should you have your phones repaired by UsedPhones.com over purchasing new equipment? The reason is simple: the phone repair cost is significantly less expensive than purchasing new or even refurbished equipment. A new phone costs anywhere from $300 to $500, a refurbished phone is approximately $130 to $180 and a phone repair is $30 to $75.

For example, one of our clients is a Fortune 500 corporation in California. This company sends UsedPhones.com approximately 18,000 phones per year for phone repair. They recognize that the cost savings of our phone repair service save their company millions a year. Let’s see how the numbers break down:

Client has 18,000 Non-Usable Telephones a year
Purchase new replacements (average cost $300 per unit) = $5,400,000
Purchase refurbished replacements (average $150 per unit) = $2,700,000
UsedPhones.com Repair Services (average $45 per unit) = $810,000

Imagine the Savings!
With our phone repair service, we have saved our client almost $4.6m based on purchasing new and $1.9m on buying refurbished - in just one year! The considerable savings is why many businesses use our phone repair services year after year.

Even More Benefits
Over the 30 years UsedPhones.com has been in business, we have encountered additional benefits for our clients when choosing phone repairs over purchasing. These may not seem obvious at first, but are prudent nonetheless. These include:

  • Asset Recovery - Phone Repair and re-deploy equipment that employees are already familiar with. No learning curve or training involved.
  • Going Green   - Our clients don’t have to throw away their damaged phones. When we re-deploy existing equipment, those items are recycled and not sent to a landfill.  

These are just a few reasons that we recommend phone repair services to both small and large businesses. Bottom line: it saves our clients money, a significant amount.  


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